We are smart creatives, innovators, thinkers and problem solvers.

Our vision is to be a recognized player in digital content, software development and advanced technologies, providing innovative ways to enhance business processes and costumer experience.

About Us

We are an Australia-based company with interest in innovation, information and advanced technologies.

We provide services in software development, creative designs, marketing, and advertising. We are also positioning ourselves to be pioneers in creating solutions using the fusion of digital and mechanical technologies.

SOLUTION Digital Technology

The digital world is ever evolving and digital technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

Update Corporation utilises digital technology as a core asset in providing solutions. We provide software as a stand-alone service, or integrated into existing solutions.

SOLUTION Information, News & Media

Through digital channels, our aim is to empower everyone with up-to-date news and information. We have a dedicated team in constant search for the latest news and trends, especially in the worlds of business and technology.

We aim to curate relevant news and information to help businesses and individuals makes informed decisions.

IN THE FUTUREAdvanced Technologies

Part of our vision is for us to be pioneers in the application of advanced technologies as we position ourselves to research, develop and produce innovative devices, equipment and machineries.

Our interests are in automation, robotics, remote technologies, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning.